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Tell me what do you need - great price? answers? look at homes?

I'm an Exclusive Real Estate Buyer Agent - I've helped home "Buyers" since 1997 prevent buying mistakes and find better homes.

We work together as a team to ensure the home of your dreams doesn't become a nightmare. We evaluate pros and cons of each home; I negotiate "Buyer favorable" contract terms (including price & Buyer protections); monitor your home inspections; negotiate inspection repairs; prepare the Buyer for closing; and make Buyers aware of real estate issues Buyers face before, during, and after the sale!"

Together, we search the internet including realtor multiple listing services (to get instant reports of available) properties (new or resale homes) that fit your criteria and we visit them (or I visit properties for you if you're not available) to evaluate; provide honest answers to your home ownership questions before and after closing; and connect you with knowledgeable mortgage representatives, home inspectors, and other service contractors who may help you through the home buying process.

Do you know what you are buying? Red Flags, Hidden Costs, Money Pit, Buyer Protection Plans, or what nobody else wants?

  • Is the property a good value?
  • Will the property be hard to resell?
  • What are your "real" costs of home ownership?
  • Do negative features exist in and around the home?
  • Do you know "everything" that affects future property values?
  • Who will answer questions and negotiate in the "Buyer's" best interest?
  • Will the Seller's agent ensure (YOU the BUYER) gets the best end of the deal?
  • Do you trust that YOUR agent to be honest with all phases of your purchase decision?

    Will a seller reveal or disclose "all" the negative features or conditions of their home and neighborhood?

  • Without a Buyer Agent like me looking out for your interests by helping you identify the pros & cons of each home to get the right house for you at the right price and terms, you may buy a house overlooking "less obvious" negative property conditions and features that more informed buyers will see when you eventually sell making your home less marketable with more negative issues than positive features.

    Why would YOU (the BUYER) want to pay another agent to represent the SELLER and not YOU?

    If you use an agent that doesn't "exclusively" work for the Buyer, you effectively pay all the commission to someone that "legally" works for the seller - not YOU!

    Click here to review the steps of the home loan/home purchase process.

    Search FMLS (realtor multiple listing service) now for your new home

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    Metro Atlanta property listings in Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and other internet sources:


    MLS listed properties - Call Jim Parker at 770-265-7293 - Access Brokerage Protects Buyers! FMLS listed properties - Call Jim Parker at 770-265-7293 - Access Brokerage Protects Buyers!

    View the steps of the Mortgage/Loan Qualificaction Process

    Summary of Mortgage Process and Questions to Ask to Compare Lenders

    Use this Comparison Worksheet to ask questions of several Lenders within a 30 day period

    Review my <b>Lender Comparison Worksheet.</b>

    Verify specific terms and conditions in writing from the lender you choose.

    Interest rates can change daily and within the day unless your rate is locked!

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    Testimonials from clients

    • Jeff and I cannnot begin to express our gratitude for everything you've done for us in the past few months...finding and being able to afford our dream home... Jeff & Janessa, Acworth

    • Carla and I would like to formally thank you for all the assistance you gave us during the past few months...we appreciate your keen attention to detail and your many insights into the issues that are associated with purchasing a home...Ken & Carla in Tucker

    • Thank you again for all your help, we could never have found and or bought this home without you. You went above and beyond the call of your job to make our dream home a reality...John & Christine in Woodstock

    • We wanted to thank you for all your time and hard first time homebuyers, it was very comforting to have your knowledge and expertise guiding us through the process...Michael & Julie in Kennesaw

    • Thank you for everything you did. Your service was excellent and the follow up even better. We love the house...we're going to have a housewarming party and I'll let you know when...Cindy & Eric in Kennesaw

    • I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. You went above and beyond and made this a much easier process for me...Travis in Duluth

    • We just wanted to thank you again for all you've done to buy our new home. We're sad we left California, but very excited about our next move...Kim in Paulding

    "James E. Parker (licensed Real Estate Broker/Agent in the State of Georgia with Access Brokerage, Incorporated at 1634 Rex Drive, Marietta, GA 30066) covers the Greater Atlanta metro area."

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